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Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (DVD-ROM)

rating: 3.50 out of 5 with 120 votes
Manufacturer: Take 2
Platform(s): Windows XP
Format: DVD-ROM
ESRB rating: Mature
Release date: 20 March, 2006

Special feature(s):

  • CD
  • 1st-person RPG with open-ended game play and short challenges
  • Latest chapter in the epic and highly successful Elder Scrolls saga
  • Create and play any character imaginable from noble warrior to wizened sorcerer
  • Revolutionary AI; 1,000+ realistic non-player characters; unprecedented visuals
  • All-new combat and magic system creates high-level of intensity
rating: 5 out of 5


THIS IS THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED. The graphics are amazing! The story line is awesome too. This is definitely better than World of Warcraft no question about it! BEST GAME!! A must buy!
rating: 5 out of 5

an RPG revolution!

Let me get one thing clear: this game isn't just for people who like RPGs. This is a game for anyone who enjoys playing videogames. A game as good as this is hard to find. It has a ton of variety, very good gameplay, immersive storyline, spectacular graphics, and more.

One good thing about the storyline is that you don't have to play any of the prequels to this game in order to understand it. The game takes place in Cyrodiil, which is a province in the land of Tamriel. At the beginning of the game, the emperor of the land gets assassinated(don't worry, this isn't a big spoiler). As a result, portals to hell(or "Oblivion", as the game refers to it) start to manifest themselves all across Tamriel, and hostile demons come forth from them. You play as an unnamed character, and your job is to find the emperor's illegitimate hair and crown him, so that the demonic invasion will stop.

The graphics in this game are very good, especially on a high end PC. There's a big variety of environments, such as open fields with forests and bushes, old ruined forts, stony damp caves, hellish planes, vast lakes, etc. One impressive thing about the game is the physics engine. Your enemies' bodies have ragdoll physics, which means that they move after they die. For example, if you kill someone at the top of a mountain, his body will tumble down and twist around as it falls. You can even manually move bodies around. One of my favorite features is that arrows actually stay stuck in their victims. As you can see, the graphics are quite amazing.

The thing that makes this game so special is the tremendous variety. Basically, you can play this game any way you want to. You can sneak into people's homes and steal their stuff, you can do the Main Quest(the one related to the storyline), you can do sidequests, you can explore the land to find treasures, you can attack anyone you like, you can go around the cities talking to people, you can play as a good character, you can play as a bad character, and a lot more! There are also 4 different guilds you can join: Fighters' guild, mages' guild, thieves' guild, and Dark Brotherhood(assassins' guild). I won't tell you any more about the guilds, as I don't want to spoil them, but I can tell you their very fun, and they each have a very interesting storyline. There are also a ton of people in each of the major cities, and they each have full voice acting, and talking with them can often lead you to great rewards. You can also go to any of the houses (or stores) and see what they have to offer.

The game has 10 different races you can play as:

1. Orc- makes good fighters

2.Breton-half human half elf. They usually have a higher magic resistance than other races.

3.Imperial-human. a balanced race.

4.Redguard-make very good fighters

5.Nord-have high resistances to cold, and make good barbarians.

6.High elf- specialise in casting spells, but have a low magic resistance.

7.Dark elf-a balanced race. Specialises in using bows, swords, and magic altogether.

8.Wood elf- specialises in sneaking around and using bows.

9.Argonian- Reptilian race that is resistant to disease and can breathe underwater.

10.Khajiit- a Tiger-like race that has night vision.

Each race has a different thing in which it specialises, and each race also has 2 special abilities it can use. Not only is there a variety in the races, but there's also a variety in the character classes.

There are a lot of skills in this game. Each character class has 7 major skills in which it specialises. For example: The thief class specialises in sneaking, lockpicking, marksman, acrobatics, etc. the warrior class specialises in using blades, axes, using heavy armor, and so on. There are about 20 different classes you can choose. However, the best thing to do is to create your own class. You can pick your major skills, specialisations, etc., and it's really the best option, as it lets you play the game like you want to. You can play as a powerful warrior, a wise mage, a stealthy assassin, etc.

The action in this game is good enough to satisfy even non-RPG fans. There are basically 2 combat controls: block, which lets you use your shield, and attack, which lets you use any weapon you have equipped. But it's much more fun than it sounds: As your combat abilities progress, you gain better, more powerful attacks. You can use a power attack, which lets you do more damage, you can use an attack which lets you disarm your foes, an attack that paralyzes your enemies, etc. Not only that, but you have a variety of weapons to choose from. There are daggers, short swords , long swords, axes, maces, hammers, bows, magical staffs, and more. Other than physical combat, you also have magic and stealth. There are about 7 magic types, and the spells are things such as shooting fireballs, shooting lightning bolts, leting you breath underwater, using telekenisis on items, summoning creatures to fight for you, and a lot more. The stealth also works very good. If you sneak up behind someone undetected and attack them, you'll do extra damage. You can also hide behind corners and in shadows to remain undetected.

So, how does this game revolutionise RPGs, you ask? Well, there are several reasons. You don't gain experience by killing creatures, you gain it by doing skill specific stuff. For example, you advance your sneak skill by sneaking around , you advance your blade skill by using swords, and so on.

One very important thing about the game is taht it's VERY, VERY long. There are tens of sidequests, and above a hundred dungeons and places to explore. You can play for dozens of hours and not even touch the Main Quest. This is the sort of gam that can keep you preoccupied for well over 50 hours.

So, if you're looking for a fun, long game with great graphics and a very good storyline, buy this game. Even if you don't like RPGs, I still recommend that you buy this game. Do yourself a favor.

WARNING: Don't buy this game unless you have a very advanced computer. This game has very high system requirements, so not everyone will be able to run it on their PC. If you're unsure if you'll be able to run it, go here: In the search feature, look for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

rating: 5 out of 5


Truly, I am speechless over this game. Bethesda Softworks has outdone itself a thousand times over in ES4: Oblivion.