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Atari Paddle Controller with 13 TV Games

rating: 3.50 out of 5 with 4 votes
Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific Inc.
Format: Video Game
Release date: 15 July, 2004

Special feature(s):

  • Play classic Atari games on your TV with the Paddle Controller
  • Includes 13 popular Atari games including Breakout, Super Breakout, and Warlords
  • TEXT_ATTRIBUTE_s original Atari graphics and sound
  • All hardware built-in to controller--no need for a separate console unit
  • For 1 player
rating: 2 out of 5

No Kaboom! = No Deal!

Seriously, no Kaboom! How does this even make sense? It was the preeminent paddle game for the 2600.
rating: 3 out of 5

Gettin' Paddled

I found the games on this particular TV Games plug-n-play console a mixed bag: about half the games were rather fun to play, and the other half were either kinda dull or downright frustrating.

The Good:

PONG- this unit has two versions of Pong, the arcade version, and the Atari console "Video Olympics" version. Both are fairly simple to play, although I'm more familiar with (and better at) the Video Olympics version, which was included in the original Atari joystick-edition TV Games unit (check it out at I must admit, I found using a dial to move my "paddle" up and down was a bit more challenging than the using the stick control I'm so familiar with...

WARLORDS- Both the Atari console and arcade renditions are included here. While I enjoy playing both, I've got a weird dichotomy goin' with `em. Ya see, I almost always win in the console version, and I almost always lose in the arcade version. This is likely due to the fact that the computer adds fireballs to the arcade version after a few moments of play, as opposed to the single fireball that gets tossed about in the console version. Oh yes, and the arcade Warlords opponents are a fair sight more responsive than their console counterparts. In any case, this has become my fave game in the Atari Paddle TV Games system.

CIRCUS ATARI- Another carryover game from the Atari joystick TV games unit, I actually found it easier to play with the paddle controls than I did with the stick. Unfortunately, I'm still pretty lousy at Circus Atari... yet I keep comin' back for more abuse.

SUPER BREAKOUT- Thanks to the fairly wide array of game selections it offers, I found this "super" update much more fun than its predecessor, which is also included here.

DEMONS TO DIAMONDS: A weird combo of Centipede and Space Invaders. Even after all the time I've put into playing this, I'm still not very good at it...

The Bad:

BREAKOUT- After my exposure to Super Breakout, I've had little interest in playing the original version. Besides, I kinda burned out on it when I played it ad nauseam on the twice-aforementioned Atari joystick TV Games unit.

NIGHT DRIVER- Ya gotta stay within the sets of lights and not crash into the oncoming cars. I managed to skate through the easy & medium-skill levels without too much trouble. Ultimately, I found little excitement in playing this, although I do go back to it once in a blue moon, just to see if I missed somethin'...

CASINO- I've always been lousy at card games, and this mini-casino is no exception. Besides, this game doesn't hold a candle to most of the specialized casino plug-n-play units that've come out lately...

CANYON BOMBER- I've tried and I've tried, but I've yet to even come close to staying caught up with the score the computer opponent racks up.

STEEPLECHASE- Like Canyon Bombers, I've yet to come even close to winning this one.

STREET RACER- If this race game was a demolition derby, I'd be the undisputed champion. Unfortunately, the object of the game is to NOT crash into other cars, which I am not very good at...

The Other Stuff:

The controls were pretty responsive. Well, except for "dead zones" at the ends where the knob couldn't turn any further clockwise or counter-clockwise. Most of the games include a "Left/Right Difficulty" setting where you can adjust the knob's responsiveness for an extra challenge.

Overall, I found the Atari Paddle unit a decent entry in Jakks Pacific's TV Games plug-n-play games line. The only real drawbacks I encountered were a few games that I found nigh-unplayable. Fortunately, it contains a nice batch of good games that keep me comin' back...

rating: 4 out of 5

11 games and one Paddle! Jakks does it again!

I thought this paddle edition of the Jakks retro Atari games was an improvement over their joystick edition. It's easier to control the game options thanks to a lot of interactivity on-screen that lets you know difficulty settings and such. And this one includes arcade versions of Pong and Warlords to boot! I found the control pretty easy to use, though not as great as I remember Atari paddles working (but I was so much younger then, and possibly better eye-hand coordination). This is a great collection of Atari games including Night Driver, Street Racer, Video Olympics (Pong), Warlords (Atari and arcade versions!), Steeple Chase, Circus Atari (also found on the joystick one), Demons to Diamonds, Breakout, Super Breakout, Casino, and Canyon Bomber. Nice mix of driving, tennis, arcade shooters, and breakout style games (pretty much what you want from a paddle!).

There is a two-player edition available that makes Pong a better game. But the computer is not unbeatable, and there are several settings to all of the games that make them what they always were - simple to play classics. I've enjoyed every edition of the TV GAMES so far (Atari, Activision and Namco -- no, I don't have Spongebob or Blue's Clues). The nice thing is they are portable and load quickly. I like not having to unpack and fire up my video game console every time I want a quick diversion. Overall this is a great addition to my growing collection of retro games.